COCHRAN - Zaratha, for chorus
Date: 1994, 8 pages
Narration by Julian Cochran:

Blow, blow the winter horn.
For our kind has been reborn.
All the life that meadow grew.
We will take to grow anew.
Sintra Tushka travel far.
Soon we'll find another star.
Farewell sea and pebbled shore.
Farewell beauty that we saw.

Time passes sleeping cold.
Thousand years is not too old.
Re-awake another sun.
Our new life will have begun.
Stellar objects, nebula.
Zaharatha - take us far.

Light years we have come.
How distant is our sun.
Time to lay and hybernate.
The thistles grow, no wind blows.
So still and cold.
Float away. Drift away.
To a place where we may stay.

Drift silent through the night.
Strange the beauty that I sight.
Travelling vessel we will roam.
Searching for a new found home.
Zaratha, for chorus:
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