Professional Collection Booklets
Animation Suite, piano forte
Artemis, trio for violin, cor anglais and concert harp or piano
Fantasy, piano forte
Five Mazurkas, piano forte
Four Scherzi, piano forte
Maelstrom, piano forte
Pegasus' Travels (Nos. 1 - 3), piano forte
Piano Sonata No. 1
Piano Sonata No. 2
Preludes Vol. 1 (Nos. 1 - 3), piano forte
Preludes Vol. 2 (Nos. 4 - 6), piano forte
Preludes Vol. 3 (Nos. 7 - 8), piano forte
Preludes Vol. 4 (Nos. 9 - 10), piano forte
Romanian Dances, piano forte
Seven Pieces for Harp: Four Preludes, Two Valses and Nocturne; concert harp
Symphonic Tale (4 movements), piano forte
Three Valses, piano forte
Toccata and Fire Dance, piano forte
Zaratha, for chorus
Zorya Vechernyaya, for oboe, bassoon and string orchestra

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